Video Production - Writing, Directing, Cinematography, & Editing

LockerPartners is a video content production company based in Denver, Colorado & Sandstone, West Virginia; owned and operated by Mary Grace Legg.

My speciality is in creating unique video content, documenting events, as well as producing music videos, short films, and stop-motion animation. Since 2008, I've worked in collaboration with non-profit organizations, artists, musicians, business owners, community institutions, startups, and individuals to help build an audience around their mission in a sometimes playful and always meaningful way.

My aim is to help you engage your community on a personal level - with humor and heart. Tell me what you're working to achieve and I'll make it personal.

"Video Chef" in the 2021 Theatre Artibus collaboration, RECIPE: Shared - a "docu-memory" series inspired by the interviews of elders living in Denver's eastside neighborhoods. Click icon below to view series.

Video content creator for This Machine has a Soul! - a community project that combines participatory budgeting with artworks and performances inspired by Rube Goldberg machines. Click logo below to learn more!

Creator of two video series - "The Community Almanac" & "Legends" - produced in collaboration with Warm Cookies of the Revolution & Denver Public Schools.